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Digital Thickness Meter

This instrument is a high precise thickness meter integrating optics, machinery, electronics and algorithm. Easy to operate. Test results are displayed digitally. And can connect to computer for automatic control. Mainly used for measuring or comparing the thickness of plastic film, paper and other materials.
ASTM D645、ASTM D374、ASTM D1777、ASTM F2251、ISO 4593、ISO 534、ISO 3034、TAPPI T411、DIN 53105、DIN 53353、JIS K6250、JIS K6328、JIS K6783、JIS Z1702、BS 3983、BS 4817.
  1. High precision (0.1μm), digital display, stable, easy to operate.
  2. Measuring mode: manual and automatic.
  3. Single point and multiple points measurement.
  4. LCD display, real time display of max, min, average and current values.
  5. With built-in printer, can print test report.
  6. Measuring process with displaying maximum value,minimum value,average value and current value;
  7. Could connect with Computer, use the special software(optional).
Item Technical Parameters
Test range 0~3mm
Test resolution 0.1μm
Number of test points 0~30 Points
Space of sampling 0~1000mm
Measure force 0.5N
Measure head size Φ5mm (can customize)
Working Temperature 0~40℃
Power 1000W
Power supply AC 220V,50Hz
Instrument size 400×310×340mm
Weight 25kg
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Создано: 27 апреля 2021 в 10:34

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