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Torque Tester

This machine is applied for bottled packaging products, suction nozzle packaging products and hose packaging products. Cap opening torque is one of the key control process parameters, has a great impact on the intermediate transport of products, as well as the final consumption. This product is suitable for measuring  the screwing locking strength and tightness, and unscrewing strength, of the caps of packaging bottles, tubes, spouts and so on. It is an indispensable test equipment in the production process.

GB/T 17876, ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTD3474.

  1. The torque meter can measure the torque clockwise and counterclockwise, that is can test the screwing locking or unscrewing open.
  2. Three torque units options: lbf·in, kgf·cm, N·m.
  3. The measurement peak is automatically maintained to ensure that the test results are accurately recorded.
  4. Overload automatic alarm function can be set. Alarm torque can be customized.
  5. All calibration, setting and other parameters are automatically saved, no need reset after every reboot.
  6. Built-in 4.3-inch high-resolution touch screen, easy to operate.
  7. Built-in data query function, a single machine can query 10 sets of experimental data, and automatically calculate its maximum, minimum, average values and standard deviation.
  8. Built-in date and clock function and can be calibrated.
  9. With built-in printer and can print test results directly.
Item Technical Parameters
Test range 0.001-10N
Test accuracy 0.5 grade
Clipping range Φ8~230mm
Resolution 0.001N.m
Statistic number 10 sets
Instrument size 317mm×395mm×208mm
Weight 10Kg
Просмотров: 3
Создано: 27 апреля 2021 в 11:09

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