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Ink Rub Tester

This instrument tests the abrasion resistance of ink layer of relief printing, light sensitive layer of PS board, and coating layer of other related products.

Working Principle
Use abrader to rub the printed surface of test sample back and forth repeatedly; then measure the abrasive damage status to evaluate abrasion resistance.

ASTM D5264, TAPPI T830

Rub pressure 20±0.2N
Rub speed 43 times/minute
Rub times 0~999 times
Rub area 155×50mm
Sample size 230×50mm, can join short samples together
Instrument size 26×29×30cm

1.Test parameters input by press key,and having the memory function of outage;
2.Controlling and solving the problems of poor grade of print ink abrasion resistance,low rub resistance.
3.It is compatible with PS version  of light-sensitive layer of abrasion resistance testing,analysis and forecasting PS version of the anti-print forces.
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