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Тестер теплового уплотнения

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Heat Seal Tester

Heat Seal Tester can accurately test the heat seal temperature range, heat seal strength, suitable heat seal speed and heat seal pressure of plastic film base material, flexible packaging composite film, coated paper, aluminum foil and others. It is apply to the quality control of various plastic film, food and drug manufacturer, the scientific research and teaching experiment of testing institutions and schools.

ASTM F 2029

  1. Upper and lower heat seal bars have independent temperature control and setting.
  2. Use compressed air, pneumatic drive.
  3. Automatic and manual modes; use foot switch for manual mode.
  4. Can customize size, shape and smoothness of heat seal bar.
  5. Can upgrade heat seal bar with anti-sticking function.
  6. Temperature calibration is simple.
Item Technical parameters
Temperature range Room temperature~300℃
Temperature precision ±1℃
Seal time range 0.1s~999.9s
Pressure range 0.05~0.8Mpa
Heat seal area 300mm × 5.5mm, smooth surface;
(lower bar has silicone pad as buffer)
Heat seal method two ways: automatic or manual,external air cylinder
Gas source compressed air
Power 2000W
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Weight 45 kg
Instrument size 700mm × 400mm × 540mm
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