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Упаковочная пленка Тестер коэффициента трения

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Coefficient of Friction Tester

This instrument can test the coefficient of friction of plastic film, thin sheet, paper and so on. It is applied to quality inspection organizations, drug control institutions, research institutes, packaging, thin film, food companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, personal care industry and so on.

ASTM D1894-2014, ISO 8295-2004, TAPPI 816

  • Accurate and reliable data
  1. high precision with Imported core components with.
  2. It is easy and convenient to calibrate the force value sensor with the special standard block.
  • Simple operation
  1. With LCD display , the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient are displayed in real time. 
  2. Can run independently without computer, data processing automatically.
  3. Easy operation, with controlling software, can connect to computer to display curves and print out the test report.
  • Advanced technology
  1. Full-auto  operation,  auto judgment and stop.
  • Reliable and easy-maintenance
  1. Sensor over-range auto protection.
  2. Function modularization, easy to maintain.
Item Technical Parameters
COF test range 0.001 ~ 0.999
Test error ± 2%
Force range 0 ~ 10N
Sliding speed Common speed 100mm / min (can infinitely variable speeds)
LCD display Test speed, coefficient of dynamic friction and coefficient of static friction
Slider size 63 × 63mm
Slider weight 200 ± 2g
Temperature control Room temperature ~ 75 ℃ (optional)
Work platform size 200 × 470mm
Sample thickness ≤2mm
Instrument size 470 × 330 × 210mm
Weight 37kg
Power 100W
Power supply AC 220 ± 10V , 50Hz
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